How are you different than the bank?

We are an independent financial firm that is solely responsible to it’s clients. We have the advantage of structuring our offering with an undivided focus on the benefit of those who trust us to help bring their dreams to reality. The corporate structure that demands the first right of responsibility to the shareholder is absent in 100% of the decision making around how the business is set up to bring the industries best to our clients. We accomplish this while still operating under the appointed Canadian and provincial regulatory bodies that assures client security.

How do you keep my information secure?

We have adopted industry leading security on all team members devices through NPC Dataguard. Client information is handled securely and professionally under strict non-disclosure rules.

How do you get paid?

We enjoy being very forthright about our businesses revenue model. We do not adhere to the time-billing model, meaning we will not invoice for time spent in meetings or on planning. We create personalized plans that often highlight gaps in the financial roadmaps of our clients, and in certain cases implementation of insurance products work to bridge those gaps. Insurance commissions are built-in to every insurance product, whether that’s purchased from SevenOak Private Wealth or another firm. We trust that our expertise and attention to detail will build the trust and rapport necessary for the client to choose to build those bridges with us, in turn earning those commissions.

When my plan is complete and implemented, am I locked in?

No, flexibility is the most important factor we can build in to any financial plan. As odd as this may sound we can practically guarantee that the first edition of your plan is WRONG! Life happens, things change and your plan needs to be able to adapt and stay relevant. We keep this in mind with any strategy and corresponding product implemented. You can always feel confident that your financial growth isn’t obstructed by the plan designed to help you get there.

I’m busy and this process seems daunting, how can this be a convenient process?

We have families and a small business too, we get it! It doesn’t take too much to trigger those feelings of being overwhelmed when trying to squeeze another “to do” into your day. We adhere to a saying here that goes like this; “We work at client speed”. If you don’t have much time and need to get something put together quickly, we’ll come to you when and where you need us to. 9 to 5 isn’t something that exists for our advisors. We have a simple to follow process that allows us to work through the different stages of our clients needs as efficiently as possible. We want our clients to feel cared for and know that
their time is important to us.