Stages Of Success

Stages Of SuccessLegacy

At the height of your career or already settling into retirement, you’re in the legacy phase when your main focus is capitalizing on the decades of hard work you’ve put in and solidifying your financial legacy — making sure that your wealth survives you in a way that you desire. As you begin to enjoy the life you’ve designed for yourself, we’ll continue to adjust your portfolio to ensure that your money keeps moving, remains tax-efficient, and continues to work for you.

With the right financial strategies in place and our expert team at SevenOak Private Wealth behind you, you can comfortably slow down — if you want to — and watch as your wealth continues to grow. Rather than sacrificing to save, you’ll have the means to pursue your passions. Instead of worrying about what you’ve put away, you’ll spend time enjoying the lifestyle that you’ve earned. And as you do, the custom, constantly-improving portfolio that we’ve put together will make sure that you and your family’s financial future grows brighter by the day.

However you plan on spending your time — travelling the world, taking care of your family, or building off of what you’ve already accomplished — the important thing is that your money doesn’t lose its momentum. The fact that you’re done working need not mean that you’re done earning. We’ve helped countless individuals build significant wealth well after their primary careers ended, and ensured that their financial legacies survive them in the greatest possible way.

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